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5 + 1 reasons why it is worth choosing SpamResister

Companies who have already been using this solution


You have 2 weeks to try the SpamResister system free of charge.


The SpamResister filters and stops 99,9% of spam arrived via e-mails.


SpamResister guarantees a 100% protection against viruses arrived via e-mail.

0-24 helpdesk

SpamResister subscribers can call us with their questions for 24/7.


Besides the SpamResister service we provide you and install the most suitable router for you free of charge.


Our subscribers can turn to us for advice any time free of charge.

How does SpamResister work?

2. All of the incomming mails go through the professional system of SpamResister, which filters and stops the harmful mails.
1. You can get mails all over the world. Among these - besides the valuable ones- there are mails which can contain spam and viruses.
3. SpamResister lets the valuable e-mails go through the system.
4a. If you do not have your own mail system only those mails arrive to your provider which are filtered and seem to be valuable.
4b. If you have your own mail service, only those mails arrive to you which are filtered and are determined to be valuable ones.
5. Now you can download your mails safely and you can read them on your computer, notebook or even on your mobile phone.


If you want to to use SpamResister you must have your own domain name.
About spam filtering


For SpamResister service you must have a router that is installed perfectly.
About spam filtering

SpamResister calculator


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On the basis of the given number the calculator determines the price of the subscription of SpamReister service for you for the period chosen by you.


1 month
2 weeks free test period
Free router
Free router setup
0-24 SpamResister support
4000 Ft
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12 months
2 weeks free test period
Router as a present
Free router setup
0-24 SpamResister support
with 1 month price reduction
60000 Ft for only
44000 Ft
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24 months
2 weeks free test period
Router as a present
Free router setup
0-24 SpamResister support
with 3 months price reduction
120000 Ft for only
84000 Ft
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